Police in Jamaica have pledged extra security for returning residents after the murder of five British and Canadian retirees on the Caribbean island.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said it would appoint a specialist liaison officer in each police division to monitor cases of returnees being targeted amid a pattern of violent incidents.

The statement came hours after the Guardian reported a warning from senior Jamaican police officials that expats who returned to the island were seen as soft targets and were at “extreme risk” of being killed.

Gayle and Charlie Anderson, aged 71 and 74, had recently retired to Jamaica from Manchester when they were fatally stabbed and their bodies burned in a firebomb attack at their home in Mount Pleasant.

Selvin Hay, Jamaica’s deputy commissioner of police and head of crime, said on Saturday: “Our focus on the safety and protection of our returning residents is unequivocal. We take all reported incidents of crimes against them seriously and will further our work with our partners in government and non-government organisations to ensure communities are safe spaces for all who live, work or visit.”

The JCF said it would review all serious unsolved crimes against the approximately 30,000 returning residents on the island.

As part of additional security measures, the force said it would establish a point of contact for the Jamaican diaspora in Britain, the US and Canada to raise concerns. A service would also be set up for police to conduct background checks on workers who returning residents may wish to employ.

Read More at: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/30/jamaica-to-boost-security-after-murders-of-returning-expats

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